Lew Adams passes this along:

Rather than removing, repairing, and/or replacing the leading edge skins (expensive) I tried a local Austin guy advertising "Dentless Body Repair."

He showed up with all kinds of specialty tools, suction cups, rollers, lights, etc., and within a few hours the dings and flat spots were gone! No drilling rivets, pulling sheet aluminum, re-painting, downtime, etc.

I figured... what do I have to loose? Cost a few hundred$ and it was done!

Evidently he has been doing this a long time. Would probably work well on any hangar rash too. His info is below. Perhaps this will help others.


The Ding Company.com


Us! If you can build it, you can paint it. You may not come out with a Grand Champion finish, but you can get a respectable, go-to-a-fly-in-and-say-I-Painted-It finish!