EAA is a growing and diverse international organization with a wide range of aviation interests. Originally founded in 1953 by a group of people involved in building their own airplanes, through the years it has transformed into a wide group interested in everything aviation.

EAA Chapter 187 is a tight group of folks located in the Greater Austin Metro Area interested in building custom aircraft, flying, aviation, and beyond. We come from a great range of backgrounds, but share a common passion for the skies. We have regular scheduled meetings and events. We engage other events in the area, helping represent EAA and Experimental Aviation. We hold regular Young Eagles rallies, allowing kids age 8-17 to experience their first flights in a small airplane.

Want to find out more? Come join us at one of our regular meetings and introduce yourself. You will find that our members are open, friendly, and have a great deal of interesting things to talk about. Interested in building your airplane? You're in the right spot! We have builders assistance, tools loan programs, first flight assistance and counceling, and much more.

July 13, 2019 Chapter Meeting: Air to Air Photography

On Saturday, we will be joined by an aviation photographer Jack Fleetwood.

Jack grew up in an aviation family with 2 pilot uncles, one an A&P/IA, and another an airport manager, so he was always around airplanes. Jack's mother encouraged his interest in photography and aviation, and he was hanging around Georgetown airport taking photos.

One day, flying next to a buddy of his in a beautiful Luscombe, he snapped a few photos of him and they came out good enough that he was hooked. He started taking more and more photos of friends, to the point it was understood that if you flew somewhere with him, you would be posing somewhere along the way!

Jack is a 9700+ hour pilot. He currently owns and flies a Meyer Little Toot biplane.  He says he thinks that his flying experience helps him give direction to the subject pilots when taking photos. They have to trust him completely not to put them in danger.

In 2017, EAA invited him to join their photography team for AirVenture 2017.  They invited him back for 2018, and he’ll be going again this year. Jack loves working with the EAA team.  He says they are true professionals and that the week he spends there is hard work, but it never feels like work.

The exposure he’s gained from working with EAA has opened new doors, including being hired by Cessna Owner Organization and Piper Owner Society to shoot for their magazines.  He’s also had a photo on the cover of Trade-a-Plane and had photos featured in UltraFlight / Powered Sport Aviation magazine. Thanks to another photographer friend, he’s even had photos displayed in the Smithsonian!

The meeting will begin at 10 am at Georgetown Municipal Airport's terminal building. The address is 500 Terminal Dr, Georgetown, TX 78628.

2019 Chapter Dues

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Tango Flight

TangoFlight is a STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Math) program for students at both Georgetown and East View high schools.

The centerpiece of this program has students build a Van's Aircraft RV-12 two-seat Light Sport Aircraft.

EAA Chapter 187 is co-sponsoring this project, providing experienced aircraft builders as mentors for the students. The aircraft is being built on the East View High School campus, with final assembly and operation at Georgetown Municipal Airport.

Funding for the project is primarily from charitable donations.

Visit Tango Flight on the web at tangoflight.org, and follow their Facebook page.

Rockdale Tiger Flight: help us build a Zenith CH-601

Rockdale Tiger Flight is a group organized by several EAA 187 members in Rockdale, TX.

The group is focused on teaching mid- and high-schoolers airplane building skills. We're done with the tail of RV-6, and have switched over to putting together our full kit for Zenith CH-601. We get together every Saturday at 10 AM, and focus on building those airplanes. We also offer weekly Young Eagles rides to kids, subject to weather and aircraft availability.

This weekly event is free to participants, and we are looking for help! Both kids and adults are welcome!

For more information, log on to rockdaletigerflight.org, or check out our Facebook page. If you have questions, contact us.

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