Hello Chapter Members and Friends

The summer is virtually ending when school starts even though the summer heat remains beating down on us. The forecast says that it will be a wetter than normal fall and winter, so it might fix our long lasting drought for a change. Maybe that means less flying??

We have had quite a few activities so far this year, and it was exciting to have so many new faces getting involved to make these events happen. Coming up are the two Young Eagles activities at Heart of Texas Airshow at TSTC Waco Airport (KCNW) on September 27, and Air Fest at GTU on November 8. We welcome Jimmy Cox as one of the Young Eagles coordinator and thank him for his tireless efforts to find the youth and different events to promote these wonderful EAA activities.

As I was writing this, an e-mail came from EAA announcing that after all, the Ford Tri-Motor Tour will be able to come to GTU for our Air Fest on November 8! What a shock! After EAA told us that the tour will come to Texas later in the year, I wrote to them how much Air Fest committee wanted to have the Ford Tri-Motor at GTU, and It was a disappointment. In July, Georgetown Air Fest Committee changed the venue from Ford Tri-Motor to P-51 Mustang, but now they are very excited to have the Ford Tri-Motor back as its main attraction. Are you guys ready for another tour to volunteer? This is going to be really good! EAA changed the course of the tours just for us! We ROCK!

Chapter September Meeting is all about Aviation Safety. San Antonio FSDO volunteered to come and talk to us about amateur built and light sports certificate, and also 2014 accident review. They agreed to give those who participate in WINGS program credits for attending this Chapter meeting. Those who are interested in signing up for credits, please go to faasafety.gov and signup for the meeting online. Please bring all the questions that you want to know to the meeting. Mr. Mike Jordan and Mr. Gary Stamper are the FAA Safety Program managers of Airworthiness and Operations.

Our 10th grandchild will be coming and I will go help our daughter for a couple weeks.

Have a great September!
Haruko Reese
EAA Chapter 187 President