Hello Members and Friends,

Happy Easter to you all! It came early this year.

Sorry about the delay in publishing this letter. I was involved in an Easter oratorio and we just finished our performances last week. Singing and conducting are my happiest moments…as well as flying and swimming at Barton Springs, not at the same time.

Hope your life is in order as much as you wish in this Spring wind whirling around us.

Last year in 2014, we decided to change our monthly meetings to Tuesdays and our attendance increased dramatically to 20~45. This year, we had just about the same number of votes from Tuesday only group and Thursday only group, so to be fair we switched back to Thursdays. However the attendance has been dwindling down to 12~20 and we are considering switching back to Tuesdays. It will be confusing but we need more attendance to our monthly meetings. Please let us know what will motivate you to come out of your comfortable rocking chairs in the living room. We have had great speakers and programs so far and more to come.

Having meetings at an airport is ideal but to reach the goal to have our Chapter Hangar at an airport needs more support, energy and enthusiasm by your participation in the grass roots effort like Chapter meetings and events like Young Eagles, fly-outs, picnics, hangar-hops and banquets. As far as we are waiting to be entertained, our dreams won’t be realized. While working together for B-17 and Ford Tri-Motor tours, all of us felt high level of enthusiasm and camaraderie and that is what we need to create in our Chapter 187 to progress! Enough cheer leading...

The month of May is our GTU Picnic month and no regular meeting at the Wells Branch Library. Hooray! The Hangar-Hop is sponsored by Dick Gossen/Fidot Fomichev tentatively on Saturday, May 9 at 10:00a.m. and picnic will follow at 11:30a.m. The details will be announced as all are settled. Thank you Dick and Fidot!

A few of the Chapter member projects are coming to completion and that is exciting to hear.

This may be another year of first flights like we had two years ago.

Remember that our Tale-Winds is back and waiting for your news articles and photos. Please support and help Dan Badwey, our newsletter editor!

Have a great month!

Haruko Reese
EAA Chapter 187 President